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Meet the program director

Dr. Yvonne Cosentino received a Bachelor of Science degree in  Occupational Therapy from Chicago State University in 1988,  became Ayres Sensory Integration certified in 2004, and earned her Doctor of Occupational Therapy degree with a specialty in Pediatric Science from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in 2012. 


For the first 3 decades of life Dr. Cosentino lived, was educated, and worked on Chicago's south side hailing from the multi-cultural Brighton Park neighborhood.  Being part of a neighborhood provides a small-town feel within the big city.  Her upbringing offered a multitude of experiences that continue to guide and inform her practice today in the areas of education, pediatrics, mental health, and physical disabilities.  

Dr. Cosentino founded O.T. For Kids, Inc. in 1997 and has provided a wide range of occupational therapy services to children and their families at schools, hospitals, out-patient clinics, and home health settings.  For over 25 years O.T. For Kids, Inc. has worked to help children learn, grow, and develop to reach full potentials regardless of developmental, physical, emotional, or economic barriers they may face. 


Emotional and behavioral health disorders are on the rise and can last a lifetime leading to long-term challenges if not addressed.  Our goal is to provide children, families, educators, and caregivers the tools needed to help mitigate behavioral and emotional challenges that impact learning, social development, and well-being.


O.T. For Kids, Inc. is currently focusing their efforts on community health promotion by offering a continuing education training, P-L-A-N 4 Success; "steps to Success for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Challenges" © This training supports families, teachers, paraprofessionals, therapists, and all who work with children experiencing toxic stress, social-emotional challenges, or significant developmental disabilities. 

Partner with us today to build a community of practice for mental health promotion through sharing of evidence-based knowledge, developing ideas, and supporting all who work to better the lives of children!

Teacher teaching a lesson in class at th
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Dr. Yvonne Cosentino, OTD, OTR/L
Founder and President, O.T. For Kids, Inc.
Pleasant Plains,  Illinois


"P-L-A-N; 4 Steps to Success for Children with Emotional & Behavioral Challenges"© tran-fers social-emotional learning into community practice This evidence-based continuing education program identifies the impact of social-emotional challenges and provides practical solutions to life's daily obstacles including:

  • Toxic Stress

  • Autism

  • Sensory Processing Disorders

  • Executive Function Deficits

  • Behavioral Health 


Learn the current neuroscience and pathology of toxic stress and sensory processing disorders.

Develop practical activities to promote: self-awareness & self-regulation, social relationships, & social responsibility for life's daily routines.

"Knowledge is a procedure of heaping up facts; wisdom lies in their simplification."

Toxic Stress Derails Development
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Harvard Center for the Developing Child

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